We would love to accept insurance. Most insurance plans do not cover our care, which include wellness programs and supplements. We are happy to offer you a reimbursement form to submit to your insurance company, should they provide coverage for alternative medicine. We accept Health Savings Accounts, major credit cards, check, and cash as forms of payment. Additionally, we have financing options available for you, should finances be a barrier to receiving care.
I am trained and licensed to prescribe medications, however, I choose to only prescribe thyroid medication, as needed. I have found that the alternative approaches I prescribe are effective and provide your body what it needs to restore and repair itself. This does not mean that you should come off of your medications or that I would take you off of your medications. I work with your other health care practitioners if you are on prescription medications to find the best solutions for you.
You can expect to be listened to and heard in a different way. I spend a significant amount of time with my patients to truly understand their source of suffering and what the best route to take is. You can expect compassion and dedication to seeing you through your journey to health. I truly believe in the healing process and will always stand for your greatest outcomes, despite what you’ve been told about your health condition in the past.
There are a few factors to take into consideration that generally contribute to the rate of healing. They are age, health condition, the number of medications you are currently on, and your level of participation in the program. It is important that you implement the lifestyle recommendations and maintain them to see optimal results. Using natural medicines may sometimes take longer to see results, however, know that you are moving your health and physiology in the right direction. Most of our patients feel better within the first month of treatment and continue improving thereafter.

Naturopathic physicians are trained in a rigorous four year medical program while undergoing additional training in alternative and holistic therapeutics (for more information go to www.naturopathic.org)

It is quite difficult to treat one body part without treating the rest of its parts. Every organ in the body has an impact on some other organ in the body. Naturopathic Medicine takes into account all of the body’s organ systems, physiology, and biochemistry and utilizes therapies that harmoniously work to gently and efficaciously treat the most current concern, while constantly digging to delve into the root of the problem.

To address your specific health concern, your entire health history is taken into account and carefully examined. Then the most appropriate diagnostic lab work and imaging are performed. Ultimately, an individualized approach utilizing alternative therapies and treatments that are the most optimal for your particular case are prescribed.

The human body is a beautiful, intricate, and interconnected system that functions to constantly balance itself out. Naturopathic Medicine honors this concept and uses approaches and treatments to holistically achieve balance in the body. Using modern science and the latest technology paired with traditional and well-known natural therapies allows for a powerful duality to tackle your health concerns head on.