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Every woman is crafted uniquely and every woman has different health concerns in each decade of life. Women want to age gracefully and feel their absolute best as they nourish their personal and professional life. Having a customized wellness plan is essential to optimizing your health and your well-being.

A customized wellness plan addresses all aspects of a woman’s health, including the body, the mind, and the spirit. It involves delving into the root cause(s) behind her physical concerns. Sometimes, the physical concern is simply a matter of an improper diet, poor lifestyle habits, or exposure to an allergen or toxin you’re not aware of. Other times, the physical concern is attributed to deep-seated mental and emotional thought patterns and unresolved stress. More often than not, it is a combination of all three areas that contribute to a state of illness in the body.

When we work together, we delve into all three areas to find resolution for your concerns, all the while, moving you towards greater personal and spiritual growth. A customized wellness plan not only utilizes science-backed methods and therapies to help you feel better but empowers you with knowledge that you can use throughout the rest of your health journey.

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What Happy Women are Saying

Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti has been treating me for about 2 years now. She is just amazing. She takes the time and dedication to her patients to get them well. I have been seeing various dermatologists for about 10 years trying this ointment and that ointment. They put me through months of laser treatments with some relief, but only to see it come back again. Since seeing Dr Yas, I have been able to go back to feeling normal again. Thank you, Dr. Yas!
Patient JP
Dr. Tasalloti is a wonderful, kind, understanding, compassionate doctor. She has tremendous knowledge and has been very helpful with medical consultation and treatment. I have had the opportunity to receive several treatments from Dr. Tasalotti she is gentle and very capable. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Tasalloti, it has been a privilege to work with her towards improved health.
Patient SO
I woke up this morning feeling so great! Not sure what it is, but I’m certain it has something to do with our work. You are a miracle worker!!! I absolutely LOVE the therapy treatments at your center. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s! After two treatments my skin is softer and has less eczema – didn’t even expect this result! WOW! Miracle Worker, Dr. Yas! Thank you!!!
Patient MW
Dr. Tasalloti has been a very caring doctor. She delves in to figure out what is going on and then comes up with a plan. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty.
Patient MA
Dr. Tasalloti has been wonderful to work with. She is very thorough, professional and has great knowledge about different options for different issues. She’s great at researching as well as following up. She does everything with a smile and is extremely friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend Dr. Tasalloti!
Patient AS

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COVID-19 Update: Telemedicine Consultations

NOW is the time to take action to strengthen your body and prevent future health concerns. With the increased usage of telemedicine, you can receive excellent healthcare services from the comfort of your home. Telemedicine consults are effective for conducting follow up visits, refilling medications and supplements, and ordering lab work or imaging. Both phone and video consultation are available to you so that you can stay proactive in your healthcare regimen in a safe and convenient way!

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